The huge and diverse state of Canada is home to unbelievable natural miracles along with urbane and traditionally rich cities at the same time. On one side travellers can discover the wonderful bright large section of serene nature with its natural habitat where the other side boasts ultra-modern mega-towns with loads of man-made attractions and never ending fun with Airport Taxi Toronto.

The world’s second-biggest country Canada has profusion of splendid landscapes and matchless spots to travel and enjoy. From a variety of national parks to high-class cities and provinces, travellers have a whole lot of opportunities to select as per their favorites. The stimulating exits present their own high-class character and offer plenty opportunities to all kind of tourists for a long and enjoyable holiday. A number of the most stayed fascinations of the nation include Niagara Falls, Gros Morne National Park, Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

Beautiful Natural Attractions of Canada

Niagara Falls:

The attractive Niagara Falls is the most surprising and mid the most well-known fascinations of the Canada. The pleasant natural site accepts more than millions of tourists each year. Tourists can take about one hour effort from the city of Toronto to reach this great waterfall. Apart from attractive satisfactions, the place also offers festival type atmosphere and tolerates tourists to treat in a walk down to Clifton Hill and the falls.

Banff National Park:

The province of Alberta is famous for its unique beauty and the huge Banff National Park is crown jewel of the region. Situated in the heart of the striking Rocky Mountains, the park is no less than a delight for nature lovers. It is filled with luxurious greenery, serene lakes, and snow-peaked mountains in arrangement with amply of outdoor and undertaking actions. Travellers can vacation at the town of Banff, where they can find all the facilities including choices for shopping and dining.


Situated at just a two hour drive from Vancouver, Whistler is the widespread destination for skiing and winter sports. The small town has got a world-wide appreciation after it magnificently planned in Winter Olympic Games. The area offers a great break for world class skiing and all types of other outdoor leisure adventures for guests. While in winters you can indulge in ice-skating, in summers, it offers choices for golfing and mountain biking. The energetic town with attractive mountain scenery can be visited all over the year.

Gros Morne National Park:

With the distinction of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the flourishing Gros Morne National Park is an unbelievable place to determine. It is the second major national park of Canada and boasts stirring vistas of natural marvels such as mountain peaks, remarkable and varied landscapes, waterfalls, sandy beaches, sea stacks, sea caves and much more to discover. Travellers can also relish the climbing trails and kayaking in summers and through winters it is open for ski exploring.


In mixture with imaginary scenery, the main attraction of Manitoba is surely the lovely and exclusive polar bears. The journey of these exclusive beings from land to the ice in the Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill fascinates plenty of travelers during the fall time. The wonderful migration is a thrilling way to get a close run into with this animal. In the month of October or November, it offers this opportunity when the bears are expected for the water to halt before heading going out onto the ice.

Canada is a famous destination for really beautiful locations for the eyes. Travellers can take direct flights to Canada from their near airport as cheap flight to Canada from UK is accessible from most of the destinations world-wide. The country is a year-round vacationer place and promotional flights to Canada are available from several cities of the planet.